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EGO Versus Intuition

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our Ego. Our Ego can build us up with a false sense of security and it can just as easily tear us down with insecurities. In contrast, our Intuition guides us in the direction of where we’re supposed to be. From a spiritual perspective, our Intuition knows why we’re here, knows what we need to experience and can guide us towards those situations. Being able to differentiate between our Ego and our Intuition is crucial to us accomplishing our life’s purpose. Think of it like Mission Impossible. This is your mission. Do you choose to accept it?

Choosing to accept the mission is just the beginning and possibly the easiest part. Learning how to differentiate between all the voices in our head is the hardest part. The Ego tends to contain a chorus of voices as if the Ego is the conductor leading a choir of fear, doubt, greed, superiority and entitlement while the Intuition sings songs of love and joy. Given the choice, it would seem like a no-brainer to follow the voice of love. But as we all know this choice is not as simple as it may seem.

We tend to trust our Ego and follow it blindly. We follow it into battle, storms and fire. We do this no matter how many times we get burned. Unless you’re a masochist you probably don’t want to keep doing this. So then why do we do it? We do it because we don’t realize we’re doing it. We listen to the voices in our head unable to differentiate between our Ego and our Intuition. But what if we could tell the difference? How would our life be different? To answer that, ask yourself how different your life would be if you made decisions based on love and not fear.

Here‘s some ways to tell the difference between your Ego and your Intuition.

If we want to be led by love then we have a responsibility to ourselves to learn how to know the difference between our Ego and our Intuition. Once we’re able to make this distinction we can strengthen our Intuition to make it easier to identify.

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