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Discover Your Missing Element

Since the dawn of time, the four elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire have played a key role in humankind‘s evolution. The ancient Greeks believed that everything was created from the four elements. Hippocrates determined that the four elements found in nature existed in different proportions in the human body known as the “four humors“. Even the Judeo/Christian Bible starts by describing how God made the Earth out of the four elements. These elements have been the corner stone of philosophy, science, medicine and spirituality for centuries.

All four elements play a significant part of life on earth. We live in WATER for the first nine months of our life. Then, as we enter the world, we take our first breath of AIR. Breath is what moves our prana, or life energy, throughout our body. As we grow, we begin to live, crawl and eventually walk on the EARTH. We’ve now become grounded, have a home and relationships. Finally, as we become more curious and discover what we desire and are passionate about, we embody the spark of FIRE.

This is true even in the realm of astrology. Each element represents a different part of us; water is our feelings, air is our intellect, earth is our grounding, and fire is our passion. Many of us are lacking in one of these elemental areas in our birth chart. This is known as the Missing Element in Astrology. Our missing element is the biggest clue to understanding our behavior and gaining insight into what area of our life could use more energy. The elements are neither positive nor negative, they are inherently neutral. Indeed, all four elements contain certain character traits that can be judged, from our perspective, as preferable or not preferable, depending on our life circumstances. Remember, through the wisdom of the elements, we can learn important lessons and cultivate a happy life!

Take this brief quiz, answering yes or no to each statement, to find your Missing Element. Be sure to answer each question with 100% certainty.


I feel emotions easily.

I have got reactions regularly.

I am a private person.

People tell me I am sensitive.

I love all things supernatural.

Music is a part of my life.

Total YES: ________


I’m very talkative.

I can talk to anyone (strangers) easily.

I am a people-watcher.

I am easily distracted.

I am air-headed at times.

I dislike chaos.

Total YES: ________


Saving money is important to me.

I’m practical in my life.

I like to be in control.

I don’t like change.

My home is orderly and kept.

I have a green thumb (good with plants).

Total YES: ________


I am outspoken and often get into trouble.

I am very energetic and enthusiastic.

I love to sweat, exercise or play sports.

I have been known to be too intense.

I am the life of the party & enjoy partying.

I am comfortable on stage.

Total YES: ________

Which is your Missing Element? The element with the least number of Yeses is your Missing Element.

If you are missing element is Water: begin a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness.

If your missing element is Air: you should begin a practice of journaling every day.

If you’re missing element is Earth: connect with the earth; go for a hike, ride a bike or garden.

If you’re missing element is Fire: begin workout/sweat regularly.

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