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Have you ever felt that something in your home felt a little off? Maybe you’ve experienced strange energy or even a lack of balance in your life. Many people don’t realize that the spaces we live in play a massive role in our wellbeing, and it’s so important to keep these spaces peaceful, positive, and serene. Moving into a new home or space can be a huge life change, and when there are people who lived there before you did, there’s a good chance that their energy is still residing in the walls of your home – whether it’s positive or negative energy. Maybe you haven’t moved recently, but you’ve been through a big life change or a traumatic event like divorce or a family death. Getting rid of the negative energy associated with past residents or current trauma is important for growth and healing. So how is it done? There are two things you can do to rid your home or space of the negative energy that lingers there. Smudging and space clearing work hand in hand to eliminate unwelcome energy and restore balance into your life and home. These ancient Native American techniques have been used for thousands of years, and you too can use them as often as you would like to cleanse your space and bring peace.


Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice that cleanses your space of any negative energy that might be lingering there. When you do a smudging ritual, it’s important to go into it with the right mindset. Many people will set an intention beforehand, then repeat a mantra as they perform the ritual. You’ll want your space to feel as peaceful as possible, so you might want to play some calming music or diffuse essential oils into the air to have a pleasant smell. Next, you’ll move forward in smudging your home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A sage bundle or smudge stick

  • A bowl to catch any ash that falls (some recommend a clay bowl or seashell filled with sand)

  • A candle to start burning the sage

  • A match or lighter to light the candle

  • A fan or feather to fan excess smoke

You’ll also want to open a door or window so the negative energy has a way out. Once your home is ready to be smudged, you’ll start burning the sage and walking slowly through your home, making sure to carry the sage near walls, corners, closets, and other dark spaces. Some people go clockwise while others go counterclockwise, so it’s up to you on which way to go – just do what feels right for you and your home. Say your mantra as you go so you can really eliminate the energy that is not serving you. Safety is always important in a saging ritual, so make sure you’re staying aware the entire time. If any ashes fall on the ground, put them out immediately. Be sure not to inhale too much smoke. And lastly, make sure to extinguish the sage by putting it in dirt or sand once the ritual is complete.


Once you’ve set your intention and practiced smudging or space clearing, your space should feel light, positive, and peaceful. Having that feeling in your heart and in your home is priceless, and practicing these rituals regularly can restore the balance into your life that you’ve been searching for. Contact us if you are interested in help with this process or any other Spiritual Coaching services.


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