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Animal Energy Healing Saved My Dog’s Eye From Glaucoma (the Other Eye)!

My 14 year old, rescued, Cocker Spaniel, Tink, has had cataracts for most of her life. According to the vet is was due to severe malnutrition and other neglect as a puppy. About 5 years ago one of Tink’s cataracts turned into glaucoma. She needed to see an eye specialist and began a prescription of many different eye drops to reduce the pressure in her eyes. Even though we were able to maintain it for quite some time, Tink’s personality changed due to the pain, as these eye problems can cause headaches, fatigue, dry and itchy eyes, etc... She didn‘t want to snuggle anymore and didn’t like to be pet, which was really hard for me because she’s my little spoon.

A few months ago Tink needed one of her eyes removed because of the glaucoma. She was doing great after that! She was playful again and back to bring my cuddle buddy. Then her remaining eye became red and inflamed.

We started her on yet another course of prescription eye drops and pills. One of the pictures above shows the instructions for all her medication. Keep in mind this was just for one of her vet visits but there was more... lots more meds, instructions and money! After two months Tink wasn’t getting any better. I was so worried she was going to lose her other eye. As her pain returned so did her shift in personality. I had lost my little spoon again. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get an appointment with the eye specialist for another month. I was desperate for help and then it hit me! Our Spiritual Coach, Pasquale, does Animal Energy Healing!

Why didn’t I try this earlier? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I live in this world of energy healing and still fell into the trap of doing things the way we’ve always done them or are “supposed” to do them. With this new found annoyance and disappointment in myself, I called Pasquale to schedule an Animal Energy Healing session for Tink.

Tink was not the ideal client because, if you remember, she barely tolerated being touched by me much less for a Crystal Reiki Healing session. So Pasquale had me lay down comfortably with her and position three different types of crystals at different locations under her body. I didn’t think Tink would stay long for this but miraculously she did! In fact, she fell asleep pretty quickly curled up beside me.

Pasquale stood behind her and moved his hand over her body slowly without touching her. Tink would lift her head and open her remaining eye slightly when he got to her head and then she would gently reposition her head and fall back to sleep. When he got to her hip she lifted her head and turned around quickly, as if she knew someone was there. Pasquale moved his hand and stepped back as soon as she did this so that she wouldn’t see him and leave. This happened about four more times. Pasquale said he felt that something else was wrong in this area and that it was possibly her hip causing her pain.

i had never told Pasquale but Tink also had a problem with her hip since she was a puppy. The vet told me she would likely get arthritis in her hip as she got older. i was so impressed! I mean I know Pasquale performs incredible energy work because he has done it on me several times. I feel great every time but it still amazes me to watch him work! He told me to keep Tink comfortable for the rest of the day. He explained that her body will begin to heal itself which can make her sleep. And sleep she did! Tink slept all day and all night and barely moved.

The next morning, as soon as my eyes opened, I hopped up to check her eye. I am not exaggerating when I tell you Tink was healed! These are pictures of her three days later.

There was nothing wrong with her eye. There was no redness and no inflammation. She was playful and cuddly again. I was elated, relieved and so grateful that I just had to share our story in the hopes this can help other animals in pain and save people lots of money in vet bills!

Bless you Pasquale 🙏🏼

​​Animal Energy Healing: Animals heal us... Now it's time to heal them! Allow us to heal and

re-energize your animals through reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, and more. Perfect for therapy and service animals; injured, traumatized and rescued animals; and our 4-legged best friends that are there for us every day. We work primarily with dogs, cats, horses and donkeys. Other animals may be worked on upon request. We can come to you or you can bring your small animal to us. Distance

energy healing can also be done virtually and by phone.

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