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How Horses Help Us Feel, Heal, and Live from Our Hearts

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What is it about horses that just standing next to one and petting one can dissolve a person to tears, in the most beautiful, moving, and spiritual way? How is it that a horse can cause a person to feel so loved, valued, and protected in ways he or she may have never felt before? How do horses help a person feel such deep peace and calmness that is not often felt through any other means?

Horses are very unique in that they are one of very few other animals that are strictly prey; as such, they rely on relationships with other horses to keep themselves safe from predators. They cannot survive alone or they will succumb to predators. That’s why they live in herds, there is power and safety in numbers. Horses instinctively know how to get along with others. They adapt so they can all live peacefully and safely together. As such, horses were designed to feel deeply and they want to give love, receive love, and develop deep connections with others. They want that with humans as well as with other horses, and any other beings that are part of their herd. This may include dogs, cats, goats, donkeys, and other beings that they perceive as non-threatening. The best part is that horses relate to other beings in a purely authentic way. They know only how to be themselves, and expect only that from others. They don’t know how to put on an act of being something they aren’t. They don’t pretend to be a confident draft horse when in reality they are a shy, timid Arabian. They accept themselves exactly as they are — without judgement — and accept others exactly as they are, without judgement. Horses don’t care what breeds the other horses are, how tall or short they are, and they don’t care what color manes they have. The same goes for how horses feel about us. They don’t care what color our skin or hair is. They don’t care how much money we make or have, what our jobs are, or what kind of car we drive. A horse sees our true worth. Not our monetary worth, but our value and worth as human beings. They also don’t care about what we’ve done in the past or what’s been done to us. They don’t care about mistakes we have made, or acts we may have committed. What they do care about is our hearts. Being the person we are at our core is all that is important to them. No strings attached. Nothing expected in return. They want to interact with the real us, not someone who puts on airs or pretends to be something or someone we aren’t. This means letting go of all the personas we may feel we need to put on with bosses, clients, co-workers, or family members. Those personas don’t work with horses. They see right through all of that and reflect back that sense of incongruence through their body language. When they feel incongruence of who we truly are versus who we are pretending to be — or emotions we are trying to hide — they call us on it. They may walk away from us, swish their tails in an anxious fashion, snort loudly, or turn their rumps to us. All those signals from a horse are messages that they are not having any facades we may be putting on, or emotions we are trying to hide. They will wait for us to shed all of that and come to them as our authentic selves. That’s when they will interact with us and give us their full love, attention, and affection, unconditionally. How wonderful is that…to be accepted exactly as we are, unconditionally, without judgement. Without having to work at it or have something to show for it. No wonder we dissolve into tears when horses give us love and affection. It is genuine and real, pure love and total acceptance for who we are at our very core. How often do we get that from others? For many of us, not often. Yet all of that can change. Just by being with horses we can learn to accept ourselves unconditionally, without judgement. We can learn to be ourselves authentically around others, and accept others for exactly who they are, all without judgement. This is the foundation of healthy relationships. By building our own core values of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-worth — exactly as we are inside and out, that’s where it all starts. That leads to healthy relationships with others that so many of us crave. And that is how and why horses have such an effect on us, and how they melt our hearts just by being with them.

This is the beauty of how horses teach us so much. It starts with letting our guards down and allowing ourselves to just be, and to feel. To feel love; to receive and accept love; to love ourselves; and to give love to others. This is where feeling leads to healing. Our hearts, souls, and spirits feel, and that gives way to healing. How awesome to be free and liberated and be who we truly are, and to be loved and accepted as just that. All this, just by standing next to and petting a horse. That’s where it all starts. Come see for yourself. I invite you to 3 Bars Ranch and enjoy a beautiful experience with horses. All in the beautiful surroundings of nature, in a calm, serene, peaceful ranch setting. The horses are waiting for you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you discover a beautiful world within yourself that you may have never known before. Click here to get started

Karen Gray Certified Life Coach Certified Equine Facilitated Coach PATH Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

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